3 DIY Home Projects To Complete During COVID-19

Now that many of us are working from home, unable to go out as we please on the weekend, why not use that time for some DIY home projects?  A little reorganizing or freshening up is good for the soul and will improve the look of your home too.

Office Space 

As I suddenly find myself working at the dining room table, I’ve been scoping out other areas to create a new space to call my home office. Many homes don’t have a dedicated office space, so we need to get creative. Basements, corners in bedrooms or living areas, unused formal dining rooms, dens or nooks can be reimagined to create a temporary office set up. How about a standing desk area?  It can save your back and requires less floor space. Audio or video conference calls can be done on a comfortable chair or out on your deck. While our formal office or cubicle at work might not be portable, we’re not limited to staying in a single place at home. Make it your own, move it around and see if you can find a new, more comfortable spot, to call your home office.


Your laundry pile has likely shifted to a more casual look these days too. While you dig deeper in the closet for a clean pair of sweats, start your donation pile and work on organizing those shelves. Hold on to select favorites like college hoodies or classic garb, but toss anything that’s worn out, stained, or out of style. Then again, the decades do cycle and some of those gems could be making a comeback, so check Pinterest first to see if you’re back on trend. Take a survey of your accessories. Donate any purses, bags, belts or shoes that don’t make your normal rotation. Spring is a great time to toss out the old and make room to filter in some new items to update your wardrobe. A little online retail therapy will have you ready to hit the ground running. Linens, pantries and coat closets may also need some organizing.

Merillat Classic Pantry

As you stockpile toilet paper and canned goods, you may need to reconfigure those areas to make your storage spaces more user friendly. Many stores are open with delivery or pick up options so you can get shelving and inserts to make these areas more efficient.  


Take a look around the house for smaller DIY home projects that you can accomplish on a weekend or over the course of a few days. Updating light fixtures, switch plates, back splashes, painting, new accessories or simply rearranging furniture can breathe new life into tired spaces.  Make notes and plans for larger projects that will require hiring a professional. Many companies are now working remotely and available to help for current projects and future planning. H.J. Oldenkamp Co. is operating safely to provide essential projects with cabinetry and surfacing needs, as well as offering in-stock cabinetry and placing orders for future projects. Designers are working remotely and available to virtually walk you through the planning process and get started on new floor plans.  

Wrapping it up

Soon enough our pets won’t have our laptops or spec books to sleep on, we’ll be back to our usual office or work routines and the kids will be in summer school, we hope. Until then, let’s all look around the house that keeps us safe and do a couple of DIY home projects to spruce it up.  You don’t need to spend money or be in the home improvement industry to be creative. Accomplishments come in all shapes, sizes and colors!