34 Must See Decorative Laminate Designs for 2020

A Collection of Laminate Solutions for all Projects

Hot off the presses from Arborite, the new 2020 decorative laminate launch encompasses a variety of colors and finishes that every architect and designer will L-O-V-E.

As quoted from Arborite, this new collection features 34 designs all of which were crafted with careful attention to scale, color, and movement to ensure they complement current and emerging trends. This new collection is timeless and minimalist. The subtle woodgrains and small-scale abstract patterns work well with a variety of other materials to create a truly harmonious space. 

With the 34 new designs, there are 21 colors that respond to the latest European trends. The lighter wood tones invoke Scandinavian sensibilities while the grey, charcoal, and mid-tone brown woodgrains designs replace the orange/cognac colored woods.

There are also 13 abstract patterns, all of which were inspired by fabric and geometric patterns.

With this launch, there are two new finishes that are a revolution to decorative laminates. These two new finishes are Casual Wood (CW) and Artisan Wood (AW). The CW finish creates a matte look, while AW is an embossed finish with texture.  

Arborite is also pleased to announce PURE. Available in 4 colors, PURE provides a luxurious, velvety texture with fingerprint-resistant technology allowing surfaces to remain fingerprint and smudge-free – truly incredible!

Arborite New Collection 2020

Discover Even More About These New Decorative Laminate Colors

The new abstract patterns include:

Denim which features a diagonal ribbing similar to that of jeans. This collection comes in warm neutrals and traditional blues. 

Illusion incorporates both organic woodgrain elements and abstract geometric small-scale shapes.  

Chambray blends an organic, fiber look with woodgrains and is offered in neutral tones.

City looks like intersecting streets in a metropolitan landscape, and balances movement for a sophisticated look.

The new woodgrains feature:

Artisan Walnut which encompasses the elegant grains of walnut wood with the embossed AW finish.

Contemporary Maple is built with warm and cool undertones to create a more modern maple look.

Scandinavian Ash has a soothing design that harmonizes very well with bolder patterns and brighter colors. 

Arcadian Oak has a subtle grain and gentle coloration to create that perfect light wood look.

Nordic Wood encompasses a minimalist looking grain with the low sheen CW finish which helps to add visual interest.

Samples are available to order on Arborite.com. You can also click here to learn more about Arborite Decorative Laminate or you can call our Customer Service Department today at 1-800-462-6047.