Welcome to our gallery of gorgeous and creative surfacing and cabinet projects! Let these pictures inspire you. We are always looking for new submissions. 

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With 21 finish options and 10 door styles, you can really create your dream kitchen or bathroom with Kountry Wood Products. This cabinet line is also eco-friendly and our most affordable. To learn more about Kountry Wood Products, click here.

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[title_with_icon icon_color=”#383845″ size=”h2″ title=”Corian® Solid Surface” text_color=”#000000″ connected=”yes”]Defining the solid surfacing industry for over 35 years, Corian® Solid Surface can be incorporated into counter tops, backsplashes, sinks, and showers – the possibilities are truly endless. Learn more here. [/title_with_icon][jig_vc][justified_image_grid ng_gallery=31][/jig_vc]
[title_with_icon size=”h2″ title=”Quality – Woodstar Cabinets” text_color=”#000000″]Budget-friendly, 3-year limited warranty, and variety of door styles and color options are just a few benefits of the Quality – Woodstar cabinet line. In choosing these cabinets, you’ll find real value. Learn more today. [/title_with_icon][jig_vc][justified_image_grid ng_gallery=32][/jig_vc]
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With a 25-year limited warranty, stylish options, new finish options, Merillat® Cabinetry offers a great value. Read more about “America’s Kitchen” and how you can build your dream kitchen here

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