Interior Design: The Element of Texture

Texture: Tactile vs. Visual

The wonderful thing about texture is that there is more than one type; tactile and visual. Let’s distinguish the two…


Tactile textures are the ones you can feel with your hands, such as smooth, rough, or soft textures.

Product Example: M.R. Walls

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Visual textures are implied, for example: patterns printed on fabric, or variations in color on a surface that make it look as if it has a texture.

Product Example: Corian Solid Surface

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Interior Design Pro Tip:

Use more than one kind of texture in your space to create harmony by variety. 


Natural Textures

Using the textures naturally found on plants is a great way to add some texture AND fresh air into your home.

House Friendly Plants

These plants are good for your home in more ways than one. Plants are a great source of texture and are very cost effective! Also, plants act as a natural air filter, so coming home will really be a breath of fresh air.


1.) Snake Plant

These lovely serpent shaped plants are a great addition to any room.


2.) Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is thought to bring you good luck in China.


3.) Weeping Fig

This plant is sure to bring tears to your eyes…from its beauty of course.


Artificial Textures

Objects that aren’t ‘works of nature’ work just as well for displaying lovely textures in your space.

1.) Add Some Fluff

Faux fur rugs, soft blankets, or even textured wall art add irregularity to your home interior.

2.) Get Rough

Just like life, not everything is smooth. Go ahead and add some rough textures.

Smooth Textures

For those who can’t resist clean lines and flat surfaces, we understand. Here are some interior design tips to create interest when using similar textured surfaces.

Change the Finish

A way to create some differences in a flat space is changing the finish of the surface.

1.) Matte

Having a dull or lusterless surface: Matte paint, a matte complexion, a photograph with a matte finish.



2.) Eggshell

Having less or no gloss: Eggshell white paint.

3.) Glossy

Having a shiny or lustrous surface: Tile or backsplash.

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