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M.R. Walls by Mario Romano – 3D Technology designed with Corian® Solid Surface

M.R. Walls is a unique solid surface wall application for interior and exterior use. Designs are created with one uninterrupted design. Each wall panel is carved and labeled, then delivered and assembled on-site without any visible seams. Bonded together with matching adhesive, the walls are impervious to mold, virus, and bacteria. They are completely water-proof and offer a finished solution in one step. No painting, no sanding. For more information, please visit https://mrwalls.marioromano.com.

Futrus® Solutions with Corian® Solid Surface

Futrus® is America’s leading innovator of solid surface casework and furniture for healthcare and commercial environments. The easy-to-specify solutions are setting new standards for durability, design flexibility, long-term value, and style. Patented construction techniques and unique methods of manufacturing separate Futrus® from other solid surface products on the market. For more information, please visit http://futrus.com.

Privacy Plus® Partitions designed with Corian® Solid Surface

Privacy Plus® Partition Systems offers a patented design that translates into easy installation, and lower labor and shipping costs. These restroom partitions are easy-to-clean and maintain hygienic characteristics that facility managers love. They work well in basic facilities all the way up to high-end restrooms in elite commercial spaces. For more information, please visit http://www.privacypluspartitions.com.

Sprovieri’s Custom Counters & Sinks with Corian® Solid Surface

Sprovieri’s specializes in fabricating custom sinks for both commercial and residential applications. With thermoform technology, they can create sinks in custom sizes and shapes in almost any available color. These custom sinks provide solutions for healthcare, education, hospitality, residential contractors, and homeowners. For more information, please contact the H.J. Oldenkamp Company at info@oldenkamp.com.