Throwback Thursday: See A Vintage Oldenkamp Truck

Since 1946, the H.J. Oldenkamp Company has been supplying nationally-branded interior building products to both commercial and residential trade professionals. Being in this industry for over 70 years, we have customers who have been with us from the early beginnings. We value those loyal relationships, and oftentimes, it’s those customers who send us a picture, advertisement, or video clip from years ago that takes us back in time. On this Throwback Thursday, we’re showcasing a video clip from 1957.

Oldenkamp Through The Years

In 1946, H.J. Oldenkamp started out as a metal molding distributor in Warren, MI. Today, we’re the Midwest’s leading interior building products distributor. Our territory has expanded from servicing Metro Detroit to all or portions of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. 

Below are some key milestones for us:

  • Founded in 1946 by Henry J. Oldenkamp
  • Added Formica® Laminate for metro Detroit and mid-Michigan in 1950
  • Added Merillat® Cabinets for Metro Detroit in 1965
  • Added Corian® Solid Surface for metro Detroit and mid-Michigan in 1971
  • Added Quality®/Woodstar® Cabinets for Michigan in 1998
  • Added Corian® Quartz for Michigan in 2000
  • Expanded Merillat® Cabinets offering in northwest Ohio in 2009
  • Expanded our territory to H.J. Oldenkamp South (Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee) for Corian® Solid Surface, Corian® Quartz, Futrus Corian® Solutions and Corian® Solid Surface Privacy Plus® Partitions in 2015


We continuously add new products to our lineup so we are always able to meet the needs of our customers. To view all products we have, please view the Products page on our website. 

In The Formica Business

While we no longer distribute Formica, it was one of the first products. 

Recently, one of our customers, Mike from Iannuzzi Millwork Corporation came across this vintage video clip featuring a HJO Formica truck. The story gets even better! This customer’s wife’s uncle was one of our truck drivers. 

Enjoy this Throwback Thursday video clip:

hjo truck 1957

Let H.J. Oldenkamp Help You

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